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What Solutions Does Blockchain Bring To The Deadly Coronavirus?

What Solutions Does Blockchain Bring To The Deadly Coronavirus?

The world health emergency for the deadly coronavirus is out breaking and according to the recent stats Nationwide, more than 70 new deaths and 3,100 new cases emerged in the previous 24 hours. Death cases are confirmed to 636 in china. The WHO and the Chinese government have already begun to bring out the solutions for the virus but somehow, the number of people being affected, and the laboratories and hospital facilities are not being synchronized. So to make the situation more controllable, some technologists took blockchain solutions in front of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

When such an emergency arises, finances are always a huge concern. Now when so many people in China are affected by this deadly virus, the government needs all sorts of funds to cure the patients as well as to take the required measures to stop the infection from spreading. In 2016 the Chinese government launched the charity law for enabling the private charities to develop the charity field and the interests of stakeholders. During every emergency, these charities are used. While every emergency these charities are put to use. But the original conditions are a lot severe where almost 675$ million are needed for all the medication and facilities for the patients.

But the misuse of the donations have been observed in this situation and so recommending blockchain for the donation is the only solution where there will be transparency.

1. Advantage of blockchain for the donations:

A private blockchain network will exist for all sorts of contributions from donation dollars to N95 masks. Few people will be in charge of collecting and tracking these donations, where he will track everything from who donates it to who uses it. This transparency will be possible with the help of blockchain. In this manner, people will know how their donations are being used as well as the tracking will disable all the misuse of the gifts.

2. Advantage of the blockchain for treating coronavirus patients:

Since the coronavirus has affected many people in China, they are desperately looking for solutions and treatments to avoid the spread of the infection as well as to cure the patients. After much research, the scientist has concluded that remdesivir is now believed to be the acceptable treatment of the virus. This medication was initially developed for the ebola virus but far doctors have concluded that it will also treat coronavirus.

Now the Wuhan Institute for Virology in China has applied to patent the drug, which is being developed by Gilead Sciences and is currently in Phase III of its clinical trial to assess the use of the drug for the treatment of the coronavirus. But now there is a competition between people to file the patents for the drug, so in this blockchain will come to the rescue to track and identify the original inventor to file the patents.

Implementation of blockchain for coronavirus:


A team of developers in Atlanta has designed a tracker to help health care and life science clients keep tabs on the outbreak.

Acoer, an Atlanta-based developer of blockchain-enabled apps, has built a tracker using its HashLog data visualization engine to gather real-time information on the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus HashLog dashboard interacts with Hedera Hashgraph, a Dallas-based distributed public ledger, to give researchers, scientists, and journalists report on how the virus spreads and trends over time. The tracker uses open data, including data from the Atlanta-based Centers, which consists of the data for disease control and also the Prevention and the World Health Organization, both of which have been keeping a close eye on the dangerous outbreak and conducting a majority of the research on the virus.

According to the Coronavirus HashLog, there are more than 20,500 confirmed cases of the Novel Coronavirus in nearly 30 countries, including 11 confirmed cases in the U.S. The virus has killed 426 people as of Tuesday morning, making the rate of mortality by 100 infections 2.07%. That’s how accurate blockchain solutions are so now you know why blockchain is useful for curing and identifying the Wuhan deadly coronavirus.

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