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6 Ways Blockchain is Disrupting Digital Marketing

6 Ways Blockchain is Disrupting Digital Marketing

Currently, there have been a lot of revolutionary changes in marketing. Blockchain is a massive part of these sweeping changes. We are very familiar with the financial beneficiaries with blockchain. It eliminates the third party transaction and makes your transactions more secure and cheap. This concept about blockchain is famous since the bitcoins, but here you will find the advantages and implications of blockchain in digital marketing.

How does blockchain help in digital marketing?

Artificial intelligence and data analytics have impacted business sectors to a considerable extent. When we speak about digital marketing, analytics is the root. Every action depends on the analytics, and every plan is made for the analysis and tracking. Blockchain has many features that help us track the data quickly and analyze it. Because what is the use of data acquisition if there is no tracking. These are the following advantages of blockchain for digital marketing;

1. Power to the People

The current system only allows the business houses to record and collect the data. Still, with blockchain smart instruments and smart data management, consumers will be able to track the data. This communication with blockchain is changing digital marketing by removing companies’ abilities to pull data from customers without even offering to reimburse them for its value. Since this era is all about data collection and data management, data is a crucial point for consumers as well as business houses. Hence blockchain has made it easy for people to secure their data with a new type of network for decentralized apps. With the help of Blockstack, your data stays with you. Blockstack is the key to unlock certain apps, and it returns to the user as soon as they finish using it. This is simple but revolutionary in terms of digital marketing.

2. Say hi to authentication and transparency

Blockchain allows consumers to fetch all the possible public information. If the customer is buying a product, he can get all the detailed information about the product with blockchain to verify the authenticity and genuineness of the product. This information includes where and when it is manufactured, how it is built, etc.? This is important, in the times where customers care more and more not just about the quality of what they are buying, but of the integrity of the company and processes creating them.

3. Bid a farewell to the confusing ads

Digital marketing is all about the reach and audience. In all this, the ads are a very important factor to make your product reach the right audience. These ads are a lot confusing for the marketing managers due to the intermediaries in between the commercials. Sometimes the rules and sometimes the portal, it all sounds quite hectic. Blockchain makes it all easy. It creates a trusted and verified chain from the ad to the end-user.

4. Editing

In digital marketing, Wikipedia is very important because the data on Wikipedia is the fifth most visited in the world. The blockchain technology allows marketers to work on the content so that they can see when an edit was made, or who made it, and where. On top of that, the document would be decentralized, meaning that no single user has full ownership of a particular project.

5. Smart contracts

Smart contracts are programs existing in the company’s blockchain which are executed automatically when the specific conditions of the agreement are fulfilled. Smart contract development works on the applications which revolve around if, when, and then. In the case of intelligent marketing contracts, employees are generally hired for a specified term or to complete specific tasks. Like writing, taking photographs, posting ads, etc. so once the work is finished correctly, you will be signaled or else the fault in their work will be automatically detected.

6. Keyword Tracking

Tracking keywords is a challenge for digital marketers. The use of blockchain could change that experience by allowing marketers to obtain real numbers when tracking keyword. Currently, exact keyword tracking is tedious because it depends on various factors such as location, browser type, login status, etc. With blockchain, one can collect data from different users who can be incentivized for joining a specific network. Data from this huge amount of nodes can help to track accurate keywords positioning. This way technology could be able to track keyword across different devices in different locations allowing marketers to use the data and information they get to create campaigns that are data-driven and more accurate.

So digital marketing has become quite an easy thing with the help of blockchain. From accumulating the data to managing it and then analyzing the same data, many modes are available for marketers to get into efficient digital marketing for companies. Blockchain will definitely be a revolution for companies as well as consumers very soon.

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